eCommerce trends that influence buyer experience:

  1. Mobile functionality. All attention is shifted from apps to mobile web. So people expected that your website’s design will be adapted for tablets and mobile phones. It means not just changing a layout, but all your website’s functions should be adapted for mobile web. People want to make a purchase on their mobile device without touching a computer, so all the functions should be available.
  2. Mobile payments should be easy and safe. Many services, such as Paypal, allow to do payments and not to worry about your data.
  3. Mobile advertising in applications continues to gain popularity. The same is with promotional geolocation activities (geomarketing).
  4. We can’t forget to mention about the speed of loading pages. This is not an eCommerce trend actually, the speed was and will be very important for your conversions. Mobile Internet can be very slow. Not all of your clients are ready to wait when your design will be finally downloaded.
  5. Magento 2. We all expected the release of the second version of one of the best CMS’s. We are waiting for this eCommerce trend become a reality, so we could provide our customers with new opportunities!
  6. Modern marketing is not about creativity, it's about math. Therefore use your website’s analytics. Skillful use of websites data will help you to sell more than just creative advertising.
  7. You have an opportunity to automate many tasks, such as posting, pages testing, analytics. There are many applications for almost everything, do not ignore them. This applications were created not to waste your money, but to save your time.
  8. Google Glass is gaining popularity, you should pay attention to such technological innovations. Maybe you will become an innovator who will let us buy products in futuristic way - without touching our devices. This eCommerce trend sounds like a part of Sci-Fi film, but do not be conservative - if you can imagine something, you can do it!
  9. Qualitative digital content is needed again. People are tired of reading statuses in social networks, quotations in Twitter and they are interested in articles and blog posts again. But the reader has become more fastidious, so you need to work hard on your content.
  10. Users started to trust more personal information to online-shops and they are expected that the communication with them will become more personalized. This eCommerce trend is really predictable, just remember the success of Coca-Cola’s action when they decided to sell personalized cans of Cola.
  11. The best shipping ever. For example, Amazon delivers the goods with drones. The buyer don’t wait weeks for a purchase, delivery should be predictable, reliable and traceable.
  12. Minimalistic and flat design. This style of frontend performance was popularized by Google, Microsoft and Apple. Lightweight flat design is gaining more and more love in the hearts of consumers.
  13. Customizable interface. We are used to the convenience of customizable interfaces of our computers and mobile devices. But now this trend will come to the Internet shops. Users want to customize the layout by themselves - reviews, photos, or characteristics of the product according to their needs.
  14. Give your potential customer an opportunity to "try on" your product. This feature has already been implemented with the clothes and accessories.
  15. Qualitative video review allows your customer to see the color clothes under different lighting, the way blouse looking on the model, or the speed your smartphone switched from sleep mode.