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Ecommerce strategies. Buyers want to buy when you do not sell them

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Retailers all over the world always try to sell a little more to the customer, than they (customer) were going to buy. That is probably why I see so many articles about the increasing of Average revenue per user. Fortunately, it happens rather often for retailers. But by trying to sell more, your store can lose customers. How and why is that possible? It is possible because of the factors that are listed below.

7 reasons to purchase online, based on statistics

7 Reasons To Purchase Online, Based On Statistics

Optimization and development of an online store are rather complicated tasks. But there is nothing more important in online marketing than the understanding of main reasons that make people buy online. The psychology of online buyers are still different, comparing to ordinary mall shopper.

Recently, scientists of Massachusetts university tried to explore the question of  - why do some categories of people prefer online shopping instead of offline?Here are their top 7 reasons to purchase online:

Scrum, Why we love it and use it?

7 Reasons To Purchase Online, Based On Statistics

Why scrum? Scrum is one of the most popular methodology in flexible development. The main reason of its popularity is simplicity, and that is the first reason why we love scrum. Scrum is also the best option for creating a confident atmosphere between the contractor and the business owner.

Why only Magento platform?

First of all I’d like to tell you one story, a true story. It began in distant 1981 in one average company. At that time one of the top managers was promoted to Chief Executive Officer. Not young, but a highly professional individual, he proceeded to carry out his tasks.

OneStep vs OnePage checkout in Magento

Checkout is the final step that separates you from the winning kerching of the cash register. I hope everybody realizes how important is this stage in ecommerce. This is a bifurcation point of ecommerce success.

Hourly rate, getting paid by the hour

How should you charge your clients? It is an undying question in all companies all over the world. Webinse made its choice, and that choice is an Hourly rate. As you already know I'm going to talk about hourly rate advantages in web development in this article. Actually we have chosen an hourly rate based on pretty much the same assumptions as Scrum methodology.

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