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Magento Developer Hourly Rate

Magento developer hourly rate

Magento developer hourly rate is equal one working hour of our very qualified and experienced Magento developer. Moreover except Magento Developer hour we’re offering additional time of Project Manager and Team Lead FOR FREE! We’re simplifying the billing and giving posibility to be billed only against hours that was spent on development work on your project. And Team Lead will do a Code Review and Project Manager will ensure that communication process is smooth as possible. 

Buy only for: 49$/hour in Webinse!

Varien_File_ Uploader to upload files from the Frontend. How to use it?

Varien_File_Uploader to upload files

Sometimes we may need to upload files from the frontend of the site (for example, purchase order file or avatar for customer). To do that we can use Varien_File_Uploader to upload files from the Frontend. It is pretty simple, you just need to  follow these steps:

Remote debugging frontend with mobile devices for Magento websites

Remote debugging frontend with mobile devices for Magento websites

In out time most clients want to see their website design equally awesome on every screen size, especially on mobile devices. This means that responsive design in web-development is a new must-have today. To create such responsiveness developers use Dev Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I or F12) that are presented mostly in every modern browsers. There you can edit HTML, CSS, use console as you wish to optimize website for mobile and tablet.

Affordable Magento Support Packages

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Webinse is eager to present you affordable Magento Support Packages - the best offer for those who wants to get the maximum of his budget! Why do you need it?

How to choose extension?

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Magento is a self-sufficient and really useful platform, so in many cases you don’t need any extension at all. Extensions exists for your convenience and they are developed for some special needs for you and your business. From the other side, Magento is a open-source platform and if you use a free version, sometimes you need something more, than you have. There are a lot of free (and paid) Magento extensions, that could be very helpful and created for different purposes. So how will you choose extension?

Add sort order for cron jobs in Magento


Sometimes we are faced with a situation where our task for the cron should be done the first. Standard Magento does not allow to prioritize tasks with the usual methods.

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