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Google shows wrong meta description

Google Shows Wrong Meta Description

Today we talk about wrong meta description for Google in Magento. It often happens that Google shows wrong meta description. Sometimes the reason is hard to find because you do everything correct. I propose to find the most frequent reasons of wrong meta description that Google can show and reveal appropriate meta description requirements.

Magento Widget - usage and abusage

magento widget

Magento widget allow users to add dynamic content (including product information) on pages in Magento without any technical knowledge. This feature allows to increase control and flexibility in creating an information and marketing content.

Is Magento helper really helpful?

magento helper Magento helper was created to make your work with Magento store much easier. This is the object that contains practical functions and you can call it from anywhere. The main helper function is to make a template (file .phtml) more elegant.

Minimize your website implementation

website implementation

Magento is a really popular platform with 5 million + downloads. But here is the question - how much does Magento website implementation cost? Can I implement a website for free to start my business?

Magento custom development

magento custom development

Every business has it´s unique set of needs and functional requirements for custom development (in our case - Magento custom development). However, most eCommerce platforms are built with the "one size" features which does not fits every businesses well.

How to choose a shopping cart?

shopping cart

Ecommerce shopping cart is a very important part of any online shop. When buying a cart, it is important to choose one that can be customized to fit your needs, and be flexible enough to grow with your business.

Types of eCommerce

types of ecommerce

The worldwide expansion of the internet has considerably contributed to the transformation of trade and store transactions. Ecommerce, or electronic commerce, largely means buying and/or selling products through the internet and is commonly associated with online shopping. There are several different types of eCommerce, the most common are B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer) and C2C (consumer-to-consumer) e-commerce.

Magento architecture

magento architecture

Magento architecture takes the best of a combination of Zend Framework and MVC pattern. This why Magento offers unprecedented flexibility and control system. This also contains the reason why Magento is so hard to understand.

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