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CRM Extension – how it works?

CRM extension

Customers are important part of any organization. Sooth to say, clients are guarantors of success of your business. Some firms claim that they manage business with the help of email, task management systems and calendar systems, but using such a fragmented management system, you miss the whole picture. Only centralized system gives you that picture.

Magento CDN connection

Magento CDN Connection Continuing theme about magento store  speeding up I would like to talk about magento CDN connection - great and simple way to improve magento store speed. Unlike many CMS Magento has this opportunity out of the box so you don’t need to install any additional modules or plugins. Also CDN connection opens so many opportunities for speed improvements that I have to write separate article about it. So, let's go from small to bigger.

How to deal with Out of stock products in Magento store

Out of stock

Rather often we face with a problem that called "out of stock products", products that in any reason are not available for our customers. Naturally appears the question “How to deal with them?” Disable? Delete? Mark in some way? And what features and options Magento offers  as a solution of this issue.

Coupon codes creation in Magento

shopping cart

For coupon codes creation in Magento we use class Mage_SalesRule_Model_ Coupon_Massgenerator. To use it on your own, you can create an instance of the class:

Magento store speed test

shopping cart

It's not a secret that Magento has a great functionality which is incomparably better than the other platforms. However, due to this Magento has pretty complicated configurations in the speed improvements. So, I have decided to test Magento store speed. Undoubtedly that speed is one of the most important things in ecommerce.

My ecommerce site just went live, what's next?

shopping cart

Recently I have received an email with the following question: “My ecommerce site just went live, what's next?” First of all, my congratulations! If you went live that means that you have done a tremendous job. However, this is only the beginning.

5 precepts for images in your store

shopping cart

When customers buy any stuff in brick and mortar shops they can see and feel all characteristics of the product as they are, without any misrepresentations. There is possibility to see the item which you want to purchase,  touch it, try it on, or sometimes even smell it, this leads to phenomena such as showrooming.

Your unique selling proposition

shopping cart

Clients, they are the main player in the game we call Ecommerce. Everything what we do - we do for them, every action taken in ecommerce is aimed on client satisfaction and conviction, that your offer is the best and and it is fully suited to the customers needs. In fact, most advertising campaigns are based on the unique selling proposition.

How to manage and edit Top Links in Magento

shopping cart

«Top Links» is one of the basic blocks in Magento that allows to create a personal area for the customer within your online store. Top Links includes: Login/Logout, My Account, My Wishlist, My Cart and Checkout links. By default «Top links» are located in the header, but they can be moved wherever you want if it’s needed. In this post you will find how to edit or add top links in Magento.

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