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How to create agiotage and sell more?

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Nowadays, when competition on the market is more than just immense, whole research groups and marketing departments are trying to increase their sales using every possible and impossible method. One of these methods is agiotage. What is it? How do I create agiotage? The main rules of agiotage support are described in this post.

3 simple but good practices in Magento

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Good practices in Magento:

1.How to get CMS page id in Magento?

Actually you can easily manage the CMS page from an admin panel. However, you are able to insert blocks in it. For example we have 2 cms pages: contacts and FAQ, these pages include block with banner which appears on each of these 2 pages, but content for this block is based on some PHP code. And if block content somehow depends on the page, we have to use following method.

3 things that can ruin your Ecommerce, and how to avoid them

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In this article I’d like to talk about things which could have a very negative effect on your online store.The main point of this article is to avoid bad customer experience in your shop. So what are these 3 things that bother your customers so much?

Pure Magento statistics

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Magento despite its short history already has very impressive statistics. That is one of the reasons why so many world famous brands choose the Magento platform. We can find such well known brands among Magento fans as Nike, Men’s Health, Paul Smith, Olympus, Vizio, Bloom, Samsung and many many more…

How showrooming can be turned into the most valuable advertising tool

First of all, I have to say that this article is not about any confrontation between online and offline retailers. It is about cooperation. Any commerce, no matter electronic or not, has one goal - to satisfy peoples needs, including the needs of the business owners :-)

Magento Contractor. How to choose contractor for your Magento store creation?

Nowadays when the market is overcrowded with companies, and even more overcrowded with freelancers from all over the world, it is rather hard to find a reliable Magento contractor - the person you can entrust to implement your brilliant idea. Here are several things on which you need to pay attention to when you choose a contractor.

Get one good feedback - earn hundreds of customers.

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Customers opinion is one of the most powerful tools in online marketing and advertising. With the popularization of comments and feedback in Ecommerce, it has became much easier for customers to express their thoughts and feelings about your business and products that you sell.

Decimal products in Magento

Are you still unaware of how to set up Magento decimal quantity, or you just don’t know what is this option is for? How can you get product quantity in Magento and make it useful for for your business? Then I am at your disposal.

Engagement models in web development

Webinse offers a variety of engagement models in web development. Our clients are able to choose any of them or a combination for different phases of  project development. Each of these options is more suitable for their specific purposes . This is flexibility that will work for you!

Hourly rate, getting paid by the hour

How should you charge your clients? It is an undying question in all companies all over the world. Webinse made its choice, and that choice is an Hourly rate. As you already know I'm going to talk about hourly rate advantages in web development in this article. Actually we have chosen an hourly rate based on pretty much the same assumptions as Scrum methodology.

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