Please, let me show you the benefits of migration from Magento Go to Magento Community

No server limitations

The first advantage is no server limitations at all. Memory capacity of HDD storage and bandwidth depends only on your hosting. You can choose that variant of hosting you need. In the Go edition you have limited HDD storage in 5 Gb and bandwidth with limit of 32 Gb.

No platform limitations

There is no limitations in the number of products, number of admin accounts, languages. Also you can create multi-stores in Magento Connect platform. There is no multi-store opportunity in Magento Go, so you can enjoy this benefit fully.

Number of extensions and themes

There are 17 extensions, 45 themes and 14 payment methods on Magento Go in total. In contrast, Magento Community has more than 1000 extensions and themes, and any payment method from Magento Connect or any custom module.

Good choice for developers

In Go edition a developer can't see the source code and it's not possible to create a development copy. So if you want to change something — all your work will be implemented on live store. If you want to study and test something on your store, your mistakes will be seen by the Internet audience. In the Community edition you have access to PHTML templates, CSS, JavaScript and XML in your development copy for testing.

Biggest support community 

If you've made a mistake — backup! There is no such opportunity in Magento Go. If your issues are more troublesome, Community edition has the biggest support team, who can help you with anything you need. Magento Community support consists of partners support and a bunch of certified Magento developers.

So, here are some of the benefits of migration from Magento Go to Magento Community. Please, check my tips about migration from Magento Go to Magento Community and join the friendly community of Magento users — start an online shop with us!