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One of the main and first reasons of starting a blog on your online shop is SEO. Search engines find your page due to the content of it. The more keywords your website contains, the more potential clients will find it in Google. Users enter their queries, questions and search terms and your website should have the answers. When you have lot’s of relevant information, your page is in the top positions in search list and users become your clients more eagerly.

Tell your story

tell your story

When you have a blog on your website you have a great opportunity to tell your customers about your brand, become more close to them by opening some secrets or showing insights. When people see who you are and what you do, they associate your page with an old friend and trust you.

Tell people curious stories how you started your business, show insights of the industry and give them reasons why they should choose you.

Help your customers

help your customer

We are ready to bet that your consumers will ask you some questions. That may be questions about products or delivery or payment or millions of others. Collect the most frequent of them and give the answers in a blog, so that it will be easy to find all the information in one place. Give some recommendations on how to choose a product or service, be useful. That will save you time and the time of your customers.

Share experience

Share experience

Become not only an online shop but the place where your customers can find useful tips on using the products you sell.

Share some guides, «How to..» posts, inspiring materials, trends of your industry and so on. Show your customers that you are the expert in your sphere.

 Create content that users would like to share.

Ideas what to write

 So we prepared a small list of first posts to your future blog:

  1. Our business story

  2. Why choose us

  3. How to choose (product)

  4. 5 tips how to use (product)

  5. 10 life hacks to make (product) last more

  6. Our company updates

  7. New events in the industry

  8. Top trends in the industry

  9. 2017 research of ..

  10. Announcements for a sale

We hope that you’ll start a blog right after reading this post ;)

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