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Engagement models in web development

Webinse offers a variety of engagement models in web development. Our clients are able to choose any of them or a combination for different phases of  project development. Each of these options is more suitable for their specific purposes . This is flexibility that will work for you!

Hourly rate, getting paid by the hour

How should you charge your clients? It is an undying question in all companies all over the world. Webinse made its choice, and that choice is an Hourly rate. As you already know I'm going to talk about hourly rate advantages in web development in this article. Actually we have chosen an hourly rate based on pretty much the same assumptions as Scrum methodology.

Scrum, Why we love it and use it?

7 Reasons To Purchase Online, Based On Statistics

Why scrum? Scrum is one of the most popular methodology in flexible development. The main reason of its popularity is simplicity, and that is the first reason why we love scrum. Scrum is also the best option for creating a confident atmosphere between the contractor and the business owner.

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