Effective methods to increase ecommerce traffic

1.Direct and organic eCommerce traffic

ecommerce traffic - direct and organic

Both direct and organic traffic occupy more than 50% of your eCommerce traffic.

People who typing your website's URL right into search engine or address line belong to direct traffic. Getting people search for your website is not an easy thing to do. It is a part of your offline marketing activity. Your brand should be well-known and here are the most common ways to get this score. People who find your website in Google search constitute organic traffic.

To increase these parts of your eCommerce traffic (direct and organic) you may apply email marketing, retargeting, PPC advertising, SEO and affiliate marketing.

Email marketing

It's the most cost-effective tool to increase your eCommerce traffic. You should have your email database, as it is a single most powerful marketing activity. Your loyal customers return and it generally multiply twice the conversion rate with the help of this tool .

You can get your data easily in Magento, because all your customers' purchases are saved in the database and you can manage it in the grid. You can use direct mailing from the customers' wishlists with the help of extension to remind them what do they want to buy.


ecommerce traffic - retargeting

Retargeting is a kind of online advertising that redirects customers back to you from some popular websites. According to the statistics, not more than 10% of an eCommerce traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool, that brings other 90% of your traffic. You can see how it works on the picture above.

PPC advertising

ecommerce traffic - ppc

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a kind of advertising that is shown in Google when you search for something. It is the only one predictable way to convert the eCommerce traffic. PPC method is working on literally pay-per-click basis. Your advertising is shown while people searching for what they need and you pay just for the conversions — when people click.

Your only task here is to use the right keywords, develop creative call-to-action which will attract more eCommerce traffic to your website.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important and most valuable way to convert an eCommerce traffic to your store. The core of success in this case is pretty simple. You should choose a right target audience and then generate the most relevant SEO keywords and add them into the right places. Of course, nowadays it is really important to write unique, quality and media rich content to attract more eCommerce traffic.

Affiliate marketing

This tool includes a lot of techniques described earlier. The one distinction is that other people care about your eCommerce traffic.

Affiliates are websites which capture traffic and with the help of advertising send it your way for a small cut. If customer makes a purchase you will pay a pre-agreed % for the affiliate. Websites' owners are motivated to promote your website — the more people make a purchase at your website, the more money it will bring them. Affiliates do their work with the help of SEO, email marketing, or they publish reviews of your products on a website that offered by a partner.

2. Mobile eCommerce traffic

ecommerce traffic - mobile

We live in the age of the mobile shopping rising. It brings a fascinating trend called by media «always-on-shopping». The half of your customers search for items from their mobile devices while going for work, waiting in cafe or laying on the sofa. We heard about mobile eCommerce traffic for several years, but now mobile shopping becomes a default way to purchase the product you need.

Your potential customers prefer to use mobile web, not an app, because of some reasons, among them are:

  • mobile versions of websites are compatible across platforms and browsers, so customer can find it from his iPhone and then from his tablet based on Android;
  • websites can be found more easy, than mobile apps because their pages can be displayed in search results;
  • mobile URLs are easily shared via links among users;
  • mobile websites can't be deleted and they are always available;
  • mobile website development do not need so much time and money, it is more cost-effective than app development, etc.

Here are tips that are written for Magento mobile themes, but they can be used by desktop sites too:

  1. For better speed of the website you need to minimize your JavaScript and HTML. Fast speed is really good for SEO.
  2. Optimize your images for mobile version for a website.
  3. You should optimize your Magento mobile through subtraction. First and foremost, off all features that you don't need in the mobile version. You want to have such features as Wishlist, Categories listing, Layered Nav, etc). Features such as Mini-poll, Up-sell, Cross-sell, Related Products, New Products and Bestselling modules can be easily disabled – it’s very simple. For example if you don’t add a Cross-sell item, the block will not be activated.
  4. Further optimization steps for Server, Database and Magento backend should be optimized by specialists, because of lots of troubles and little features that you need to enable or disable. You could entrust your business to Magento professionals.

3. eCommerce traffic from social media

Advertising and promoting in social media nowadays plays a big role in converting an eCommerce traffic. If you doubt is social media right for you and your business, the answer is that social media is a really good way nowadays to attract new customers.

Here is the statistics of pages per visit per social network.

ecommerce traffic - social media

The most popular networks are Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

1. YouTube is a video network, so your channel should be full of seriously considered and high quality videos for connecting with potential customers.

2. Facebook has lots or related eCommerce groups, where you can post your articles or products. Facebook mobile index is a little bit low what means that not all eCommerce owners optimize their websites for mobile.

3. Pinterest visitors like to browse but they spent less time on websites’ pages. So the pictures that you pin must be high quality, outstanding and catchy.

4. Twitter is a network where you should advertise with the help of good call-to-actions in your posts.

Few last words. There are a lot opportunities nowadays to increase your eCommerce traffic. You should know and use most of them, because your competitors do the same. If you manage with all kinds of eCommerce traffic, be sure, you will have lots of buyers!