I have seen and have read a lot of articles about how to build and optimize your ecommerce, I have even written about it fairly often. But as we know it is always much easier to lose than to earn. As Jeff Bezos said once “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000.”

So I have decided to research about customers dissatisfaction with online shopping, and spent some time to analyze the most frequent customers complaints.

Here are my top 3 things that can ruin your Ecommerce:

1.“On their website says that…”

It is available, It has a free shipping, it is one day delivery, It costs… e.t.c. These kind of complaints are rated # 1 in comments of dissatisfaction. And it is not only the most frequent complaint, it also bothers people much more strongly than anything else. It really annoys them when you don't get what you expect. Make sure that you always remove items which are not available right now, or mark them as “out of stock”. Explain terms of payment and delivery to customers properly and if you have a free shipping option, it must be free. Same day delivery must be delivered this day, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Whatever you promise on your website must be done properly and on time. If your store doesn’t keep given promises, be sure that customers will be very “generous” in their expressions and comments about your business. And most likely they will reward you with an appropriate mark in the web.

2. Staff unawareness and rudeness

Silver in my complaints review goes to staff unawareness and rudeness. This is another thing which you should take under control. It is so important to be confident in your stuff and their professionalism, because  human interaction is one of the major components of our lives. The simple politeness and professionalism of people who represent your store, can do unbelievably much for your ecommerce. However, all your staff who directly interact  with your clients must be aware about everything that is going on in your online store. Your support team should be well informed about all discounts and sales, about all products and their characteristics. They must be able to provide answers and information clearly and fast.

3.It is all about speed

Speed is a great index of your focus on clients. It shows customers that you care about, and appreciate their time. I have done a research about how to speed up Magento stores, results of my test you can see here,   Watch your speed everywhere: the speed of your website: the speed of delivery and one more type of speed which received so many complaints - speed of answering in online helper. This option can be very helpful and can support you in attracting of some more clients for your ecommerce. But if nobody answers from your side to the customer, it may cause the impression that you just ignore your clients and don’t pay any attention on them. So, if you are really client- focused company, and care about your customers, do so to make them feel it.

As a conclusion I just can add That it is better to lose 1 client than get 10 unsatisfied.