Ecommerce is complicated market with enormous opportunities for growth as well as hidden risks. In the race for success you need to be sure that your Magento store works perfectly, your customers are satisfied so you can focus on business development and strategic management. Moreover, staying tuned with innovations, light-speed tech progress and new practices is crucial for future prosper. For this reason there are many companies that offer different services to backup your site. Choosing a partner is a great challenge because it is like open a door to the heart of your business. Every merchant wants to rely on professional help. But unfortunately, it can cost an arm and a leg or reminds standing in line among numerous clients to be heard. This sounds frustrating , but don’t worry. Webinse has astonishing solution for those who looking for efficient support and want to stay on budget. Webinse offers extremely affordable Magento support packages that guarantee ongoing store maintenance. There you can choose one of the subscription packages that fits you best. Starting with 10 hours per month only for $250 is ideal for small businesses with current tasks, Optimum and Superior packages offer more hours with additional control on development process. No matter what support package you have, you get a unique advantage - our Modern Workflow invented special to provide best results for our clients. Overall, Webinse Support Packages can be described as:

  • Qualified problem solving
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Extensive and FREE communication
  • Fast response time guaranteed by SLA
  • enriched with Modern Workflow

The interesting thing is that each package assumes any kind of Magento support: Ongoing Maintenance, Business Analyst Support, Emergency Services or Application Engineering. Our certified developers are here to deal with any work you request. Below there is every package in details to consider.

Affordable Magento Support packages

Monthly Subscription







You're saving 50$ per month You're saving 100$ per month You're saving 200$ per month
10 hours per month 20 hours per month 30 hours per month
Additional $30 per hour(out of 10 hours) Additional $35 per hour(out of 20 hours) Additional $40 per hour(out of 40 hours)
24x7 performance monitoring 24x7 performance monitoring 24x7 performance monitoring
Preparation/Discussion/Gathering (FREE communication) Service Level Agreement(response time within 2 hour) Service Level Agreement(response time within 15 minutes)
Estimation approval Preparation/Discussion/Gathering (FREE communication and question answering) Preparation/Discussion/Gathering (FREE communication and question answering)
Estimation approval Estimation approval
User Accepted Testing Quality Assurance
Release planning

Spend less money on support choosing one of the Package Subscription instead of paying for each hour separately. This is really affordable Magento support solutions, isn't it? But the question can be arisen what if some hours in support package left unused? They do not burn down, they just come to the next month and will be at full disposal. So, Webinse offers more convenient and evidently more efficient way of cooperation. Build long term partnership with us! Choose your affordable Magento support package now! Read more: