Main features of Magento that you can customize.

Analytics and reporting. The system integrated with Google Analytics and many other reports.

Product view. You can select multiple images for products, options for extensive reviews, wishlists, etc.

Browse Catalogue. Easy navigation, great filtration of system products, comparison of products.

Directory management - inventory management, import and export of products, different tax rates depending on the region, additional product features.

Customers’ accounts. You can get an order status and history, email and RSS notifications for wishlist, a subscription to the newsletter, choose an address for delivery.

Customer Service - advanced features for clients’ accounts, a feedback form, ability to clear the orders’ grid, history, etc.

Order Management. Ability to create orders through the admin panel, create multiple accounts, etc.

Payments - different payment systems, credit cards,, PayPal Google Checkout, checks, various modules support, eg, Cybersource, ePay, eWAY, etc.

Delivery - different types of delivery, flexible rates depending on the delivery type.

SEO-optimization - 100% friendliness to search engines, Google Sitemap support.

International support - lots of languages and currencies are included, wide list of allowed countries for registration, purchasing and shipping, localization.

Promotion tools - coupons, discounts and other marketing tools.

Website Management - multistore, multilingual, tax rates for the United States and other countries, customizable design via templates.

Magento customization overview.

If you have already installed Magento, it is necessary to deal with the basic settings of your website. In this article we review the basic configuration of Magento, which will allow you to customize your store.

By default the home page of the website after the installation looks like:

magento customization 1

Log in to Magento

You need to enter in the admin panel to get started with your products. You need to login as a website admin: name_of_your_webssite/admin.

magento customization 2

System configuration in Magento

To change system configuration in Magento you need to go to System -> Configuration.

magento customization - 3

Catalog Management

In the Catalog, you can manage products, categories, URL-addresses of the product, edit tags, create a site map, search, work with attributes.

magento customization - 4

Promotion in Magento

In promotions we can customize for promotional products, to determine the rules and customers’ groups for them.

magento customization  - 5

Reports in Magento

A variety of reports and statistics are available in the Admin panel -> Reports.

magento customization - 6

Base URL in Magento

If you need to configure Magento to work with a different domain names, you can do this by changing the main URL (Base URL) in the admin panel. Go to the Admin panel> System> Configuration and select Web in the left menu. Click «Unsecure option» and edit field «Base URL», which will use the standard HTTP connection.

magento customization  - 7

To specify a secure (HTTPS) connection, click on the «Secure option» and also edit the Base URL (remember that you need to purchase SSL-certificate).