Agiotage method and its basis.

The main purpose of this method is to arouse the desire to purchase - I would even say to create a passion for purchasing. Undoubtedly an emotional aspect will be prevalent in this strategy.

But it must be noted that the more common the product you have - the harder it is to create agiotage around it. However, there is nothing impossible in Ecommerce.

you must ensure a high level of customer attention prior to the product’s release. This will create an atmosphere of expectation on the market. Just provide some basic descriptions or reviews from the lucky testers. As an option you could also set a countdown clock on the site or create a mysterious advertisement for this product. You have to create reason for discussion: something shocking, something attractive for the buyers. This trick is widespread amongst advanced technological companies. And as we know it works superbly.

Another trick is “Limited edition”. The main point in this strategy is to create a feeling of shortage. Buyers should be afraid of missing this unique opportunity to buy. This will increase value and demand for the product on the market. One of the types of this approach is “Only for gold club members” strategy. Lets imagine that a company has some additional service for regular customers only, but for only a limited time this option is available for everybody. It leads to the same outcome as a “limited edition” strategy.

Another technique is called “Walking on the edge” - a rather rare strategy usually used in entertainment industry. Movies that are prohibited in some countries are more popular in others. Or a “parental advisory” production that is more attractive to the youth.

We must also remember “unique selling proposition” - an old and reliable way to increase sales. Everybody knows that this is a marketing trick, but it is still one of the most effective agiotage generators.

When picking your strategy from the list above or when creating your own be careful with time estimation, the product must be delivered to the customer just in, on top of agiotage on the market.