Ecommerce forecast

According to this statistic it should increase by 12% next year. Main background for this growth is frequently increasing number of internet users all over the world. The biggest growth can be seen in China and Eastern Europe. Nowadays internet access has become widespread among all categories of the population. So, we can clearly see  a growth in ecommerce comparing with brick and mortar shops which are doing not so well due to world economics recession.

Great example of online retailers stability is the United Kingdom. This country is a leader among Western European countries in online market. Money turnover in ecommerce will be around 80 billion dollars in 2013. Experts relate this statistic to the UK business-owners commitment to the innovative technology.The openness of British society to innovations is also hugely influential. As I already mentioned, Eastern Europe shows impressive results in this sphere. In next 3 years it should grow up from 2% up to 4,5% in total retail market of the region, whereas it is Currently 6.5 % in the United States . One of the most important reasons for Eastern Europeans to purchase online is benefits which they have discovered when buying through the internet. These benefits are pretty much the same as all over the world: time and money economy, 24 hour access, speed, simplicity, selection etc. And this region develops extremely fast in e-commerce.

However white marks for ecommerce and the internet in general still exist in the globe. Countries where international payments are prohibited and internet access rather limited are: Cuba, North-Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Burma (Myanmar), Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Sao Tome and Principe, Turkmenistan. In last couple of years we can observe some positive tendencies towards ecommerce  in these countries. Most governments of these countries get less repressive, and approve more flexible laws for internet technologies. So, hopefully citizens of these countries will be able to buy online very soon.

I hope I did my best to reduce youreservations about opening of your own online store. So make sure that it is legal in your country, and go ahead, use all ecommerce benefits and make your own successful ecommerce forecast for your business :)