A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one company or product from another. Brand includes logo, name, tagline or catchphrase -  “Just do it!”, “Impossible is nothing!”, “Connecting people!”. Did you recognize Brands? Sure you did (Nike, Adidas and Nokia)! Brand also includes shape, colour, sound... actually everything that people can associate with your company/product/trademark/ web site etc. A brand can be also determined as a vision of your company/product/store. Vision should match with the ideas and sense which have been invested in the brand.

Ecommerce rebranding.

So lets try to figure out what is rebranding. Some people still think that rebranding is something totally new and very different from before, but it’s not (however some exceptions exist, but as we know exceptions prove the rule). Rebranding is a set of actions aimed on changing brand or it’s components. Simply to say it’s brand refreshment. When using rebranding strategies companies usually are trying to save recognizable elements, which gives them wide recognition amongst their customers and clients. But at the same time they try to add something new and fresh to attract attention of all markets, including old and potential consumers.

As you see in the picture below, the initial logo and the current one are very different. But they are consistent. Every subsequent logo includes some basic elements from the previous.                                   

Rebranding also can contain some detrimental factors and could be harmful, if you do it in the wrong way. A couple of examples: It seems that it’s a kid’s channel with cartoons now.  Blackwater seems to be written with an X now.

ecommerce Branding and ecommerce rebranding of your online store are complicated tasks that can only be solved by professionals . Webinse will do it for you with great pleasure. We will implement your online store  idea in a brand.