Ecommerce strategies

1. Buyers do not need additional information.

It can sound a little bit shocking, but it is true. On the stage when customer is ready to purchase, they don't need any additional information, they already know everything what they need to purchasing. So, don’t create obstacles, just let them buy. Due to this “quick purchase” or “buy in 3 clicks” button can be rather helpful.

2. Buyers don’t want to be puzzled.

This fact is not surprising at all, but some store managers still ignore this statement. To avoid this problem my recommendation is simple - try to be clear. Do not run different discount programs and coupons at once. That may be confusing, especially if the customer can't use all of them. All coupon discounts and special offers are intended to give an opportunity to the clients to save some money. This is all they want.

3. Customers don’t need your recommendations.

Sure, “sales hit” mark is a great advantage for sales, but it should be based on the opinion of other customers or at least it should look this way. I am not saying that store recommendations should be disregarded at all, but it’s better to be careful giving them advice. Clients are aware of black marketing, so they can think about this kind of marketing in your online shop. What is not so positive for businesses.

4. Buyers don’t really like changes.

People mostly don’t like changes, but they do like innovations and improvements. If you decided to redesign your internet store or implement some serious changes think about improvements first.

5. Buyers don’t want you to sell, they want to buy.

Although your customers know that your job is to sell, it bothers them every time when they feel that you desperately want to sell them something. Buyers no longer listen to you at that moment when you start to sound "like an annoying dealer."