It is not always clear how Google changes the search algorithm. But you can always use the latest SEO techniques to earn the first position on search engine results page.

Latest SEO techniques 2014: how to choose the strategy?

Latest SEO strategies can be divided into four main types.

1. Providing a high-quality content. 2. Organize your website structure. 3. Authority. 4. What can you offer the visitor.

High-quality content.

Quality content is determined by the following principles: - Articles should be create for a visitor, not for search engines. - Try to increase the number of hits of your articles. - Articles should contain information that users would like to see. - Quality content is very important for the website ranking. Your article should look as if it was written by an expert. When the article was written by someone who really knows and understands the features of the subject, the article is actually already contains keywords and questions for further research in its network.

Website organization.

Website organization is extremely important moment not just for search engines, but also for ordinary visitors. A well-organized navigation through your website is very important nowadays. Internal links are one of the most important parts of your site. Using the internal reference, connect the internal pages of your website. They will not only help the search engine to explore your website better, but help your visitors find the information they need. Compound pages are also an important part in the organization of the website. With the help of "anchor text", you can create transitions to other internal pages of your website.


The website will become more credible if you will post quality "backlinks" to your website pages. The authors of other websites can place your link on their resources. But be careful, you should always try to check every "backlink" to you post. Remember who puts low quality "backlinks" (for example, the link does not respond to the subject of your website), then your website has risk to get banned in the search engine.

What can you offer the visitor.

When someone comes to your website, you have a very short period of time to make a first impression. First of all, it should be the speed of loading pages on your website. Use the tools in Google, to see how fast is your website. A few tips on the content of your website, which will help to give the visitors of what they want.

  • Answers to real questions.
  • Assistance in purchasing.
  • Video content.
  • Interesting blog.