Do you have a good backup if your Magento webshop system if it unexpectedly crashes? Are you prepared for such crash? In this blog I will explain how to make a backup of your entire system in a few steps. Step 1

magento backup - admin

Log in to the admin panel of your Magento system. Step 2 magento backup - system Go to "System" -> "Tools" -> "Backups" Step 3 magento backup - grid Sometimes you need make a backup with separete files, but now I will show how to make a complete "System Backup" (when you change your configuration, add or change your data). After selecting this option, you get the message that your Magento backup is created. Keep this in mind and assume that making such backup takes from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the speed of your system. After this you will see a window with the following information: Enter the name of your backup (e.g. my_backup1) You can choose from two options. The first option temporarily enables maintenance mode. So while the backup process is going, your customers can not visit the store. This option is unfavorable. However, it produces impact on the speed of your shop and the speed of the making of the backup. The choice is yours. In the second option you will have an opportunity to choose will you include media files in your backup or not. Creating the backup with media takes considerably more time. If you made a choice from these two options, click "Ok" and the Magento backup will start. Make sure you don’t click on any pages while backup is creating and don’t click the 'previous' or 'next' button on your browser. Step 4 When the backup is complete you will return to the overview screen. If all goes well you will see your backup in the grid. Step 5 This is important to download your Magento backup to your computer. Click on "tgz" (or “7-Zip for Windows) to download the archive.