In this article we will try to explain how it works, how important that is, how valuable that tool can be, and how to use it in the right way. Put simply, sales funnel  is all the ways in your store from “visitor” to “buyer”. For example, your store is visited by, lets say 2000 people every day. All of them are potential buyers. We always have to keep it in mind, because each of them could become a buyer. 800 visitors left your web site without any purchases and actions, 1200 stayed longer and have been searching for some items, 800 of them added products to their carts. But only 600 of them made a final purchase. So from 2000 visitors only 600 became our buyers. This means that they have passed all the way through the sales funnel and became your buyers.

 How it works?

Here are a few main strategies that can help to increase the number of your customers:

  •  Attract more visitors.
  • Use all possibilities to attract more visitors on your web site: Email marketing, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing etc... Simple law: more visitors - more buyers, in direct ratio.
  • Useless?- omit it.
  • Cut useless actions between simple interest and the finale purchase. But don't go too far! A customer wouldn't skip information about shipping, terms of payment or any other important information. But information such as history of the product, or your personal suggestions can be located somewhere else on your web site. This will help you to reduce difference between visitors and buyers in your sales funnel.
  • Personal approach.
  • Break down all your customers  into segments and develop a personal strategy for each group.  Group discounts, special offers, season sales, promo coupons... will help you with that. Remember -  people like to be special, make them believe in that. It will definitely increase your profit in ecommerce.
  •  Analyze!
  • Do you have answers for all  these questions: At what stage had most of the buyers left your store ? What kind of products, visitors had purchased a greater amount of this month, comparing with the previous? How long does it take on average to make a purchase? e.t.c. If not, collect them, and make conclusions. This information will be very helpful for sales funnel optimization in your online business.
  • Communicate.
  • Feel free to ask your visitors what do they like, and what they don't? Design surveys and questionnaires, send emails to your customers, or even  open an A/B tests on your home page. Try to get as much feedback as you can, lead your blog and create a human face for your internet store.