Everyone had expected an ordinary conservative leader but it turned out to be the other way around. He has begun a real revolution in the company. He didn't  even expect that this will be a revolution in the whole business sector. That was Jack Welsh, a person who created a new business leading strategy.

 So what is the strategy we are talking about?  In one of the meetings, when Jack Welsh was going to close a third of the manufacturing in his company, his managers asked:“What was the main purpose of that?” The answer was based on his marvelous principle - be the first, or at least the second in your sphere, or don't be there at all.

- If you haven’t mastered that business yet, should you strive to master it now ?

After that decision, employees were shocked but shareholders were totally confused. However during his tenure as chief executive officer, the company's value rose up to 4000%.

 This story is one of the best examples of concentrating on a quality. Webinse as a company completely follows this principle. And we do not get distracted by any tasks other than our main goal, which can be described as “ the best quality product and service for you, and your customers”. We have been working with Magento platform since the establishment  of our company. 

 You will ask Why Magento?

Here are some more facts to show you that it’s a good decision to use the Magento platform:

  •  unlimited categories/products
  •  unlimited pictures and images for products
  •  opportunity to control and manage several autonomic internet stores from same admin page
  • 6 types of products (Simple Products,Grouped Products,Configurable Products,Virtual Products,Bundled Products,Downloadable Products)
  •  product options (size, colour, weight and many many more)
  •  tunable filter of products in catalog
  •  Magento block ”similar products”
  •  Magento block “related products”
  •  Magento block “Crosell”
  • Decimal Products
  •  product comparison
  •  support for different client categories (retail, wholesale, vip, etc...)
  •  different prices for different categories of customers
  •  full stock control
  •  possibility of creating promotional coupons and discounts
  •  promo circumstances for purchasing
  •  all varieties of discounts and sales (buy for XXX $ - get free/ get discount/ buy one get one/etc...)
  •  import price lists from CSV files and other
  •  integral CMS for work with simple pages and separate HTML blocks
  •  integral modules of mailing services, votes and feedback
  •  modules of payment systems and shipping varieties(paid and free)
  •  modules of unloading and synchronizations (paid and free)
  • 1000 different modules varieties in general
  • endless extensions, and many many more...

 While there are other systems with complicated functionality, it is better to entrust your valuable business to the hands of professionals; and our highly qualified Webinese team are the crew for the job ! With us you will only need to administrate your store, and after using us, your orders will grow!!!