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Remote debugging frontend with mobile devices for Magento websites

Remote debugging frontend with mobile devices for Magento websites

In out time most clients want to see their website design equally awesome on every screen size, especially on mobile devices. This means that responsive design in web-development is a new must-have today. To create such responsiveness developers use Dev Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I or F12) that are presented mostly in every modern browsers. There you can edit HTML, CSS, use console as you wish to optimize website for mobile and tablet.

How to choose extension?

shopping cart

Magento is a self-sufficient and really useful platform, so in many cases you don’t need any extension at all. Extensions exists for your convenience and they are developed for some special needs for you and your business. From the other side, Magento is a open-source platform and if you use a free version, sometimes you need something more, than you have. There are a lot of free (and paid) Magento extensions, that could be very helpful and created for different purposes. So how will you choose extension?

Magento free shipping: how to configure?

Magento free shipping

If you are looking for a way to increase your sales, you can offer Magento free shipping for a minimum order amount. For example, you can offer free shipping for all orders above 50 $. Later in the article when we say "free shipping", we mean "free shipping for a minimum order amount." If you want to have free shipping for every order, you just need to put a zero in all fields of shipping costs.

How to Configure Magento Cross-Sell Products

magento cross sell

Some marketers complain that sales doesn’t increase because of the small budget for promotion. It is a reasonable argument but there is always a way. Sales can be raised with the help of e-commerce cross selling. I will show you how to make Magento cross-sell product in easiest way.

Create landing page with ease in Magento

landing page

The main purpose of creating an online-shop is to make customers not only go to your store from Google. The main purpose is to make your customers stay and buy some of your goods. You can encourage them to explore the products using landing pages. Landing page -  is the first impression about your store. Ideally, your landing page should target your visitors to a product pages.

Guide to Magento security

magento security

Magento security system is very good and getting better with each release. But you should remember that if your settings are incorrect, the probability of damaging data is pretty high. You should understand that the leak of technical knowledge can cause problems and be dangerous for data security of your customers.

How to Install Apache Solr for Magento Store?

How To Install Apache Solr For Magento Store 

Did you know how many of your customers leave your Magento shop if they can’t find required product easily? The larger your store, the more it suffers from poor search engine. Provide your customers with great integration - add Apache Solr to your Magento store.

Magento cache types - how are they used?

magento cache Magento cache is one of the most difficult and least understood parts of Magento. In this post I want to help beginners and store owners to understand the specifics of Magento cache types better.

Meet Magento Ukraine 2014 - Magento finally returned home!


Meet Magento is a common name for the worldwide events that help this eCommerce platform’s programmers and partners gather together, share experience and find opportunity to expand business. This event has already become the main platform for communication online stores owners, developers and enthusiasts of Magento eCommerce. Over the last years Meet Magento was host by many countries, but it was never in Ukraine. As you know, Magento was invented by Ukrainian developers and after it was bought by eBay.

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