What makes Magento a really good e-commerce platform?

So, Magento is not only a CMS or Shopping cart software. It is Multifunctional platform that is made to make your e-commerce website convenient, flexible, fast and well-designed.

Magento is open sourced, customizable, modular system, it has great functionality out of the box and quick support.

- Open Source System

As you can change the core code this feature allows to make everything you want in the default Magento version.

- Customizable

Customizability of the system makes it flexible. So if you need to make a responsive design, add payment system or configure some unique functions for your store, you can manage it in Magento easily.

- Modular system

With the help of modules you can add functionality and features to your Magento store. They can be used for simple things like changing the look of your store (like adding blocks to the front-page). Also they help to add more complex things like checkout page, installing additional payment methods, smooth 3rd party integration, etc.

- Out of the box functionality

Magento is functional out of the box - so if you will not add features and customize your website deeply, your website will work well and also it will be SEO friendly.

- Support

Magento is not only an excellent CMS system, Magento is also a huge support team from all over the world. You can ask support Magento team for help.

Editions of Magento:

1. Magento Go.

The one that is shutting down on February 1, 2015. But do not panic, this decision was made for the benefit of the other two systems - Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). So all the Go merchants must migrate, and they are able to choose where.

2. Magento Community

Community Edition (CE) is a free open-source edition for small and medium business owners and Magento enthusiasts which has the biggest support community ever and our team is a part of it.

3. Magento Enterprise

Enterprise Edition (EE) has more functionality, but is built on the same base as a free version. This edition can take your business to the highest level of e-commerce. You also will have the full support of the team that will install and configure the system. The price for this edition starts from $14 000 annually. This price includes all security updates.

In what cases do I need Magento Community over Magento Enterprise?

Difference between Magento Enterprise and Magento Community - community

Magento Community is a free and open-source platform. You don’t need to pay annual fee for a license. So if you need to install Community Edition you just need hosting, domain name and (perhaps) qualified Magento programmer.

Community Edition was designed for developers and tech advanced merchants, who want to understand the system and make it better on their own.

We have written that Magento has great out of the box functionality. The Community version is not an exception.

Here are the features you get:

  1. Access to the files on the code level, so you can modify your system easily.
  2. Adding extensions and 3rd party integration. There are lots of extensions (both free and paid) in the Magento Commerce website, you can choose anything you like to add functionality to your shop.
  3. Free and paid Magento themes to make your website more attractive. They are also responsive for mobile versions of website.
  4. You have an ability to have multiple stores and store views. You can manage with it from one admin panel.
  5. Magento allows to use multiple languages to your store. With the help of it you can specify your store for different countries.
  6. Built-In shopping cart functionality. The shopping cart system is one of the most important feature in the entire e-commerce system. The cart tracks how many clients want to buy or actually make a purchase. If you want more functional Shopping Cart, you can try additional versions in Magento Connect.
  7. Pricing Rules is really flexible in the Community Edition. It allows you to create different discounts, offer a free shipping, coupon codes, daily deals, etc.
  8. Have you ever seen number of product features in the left side on the website? This is Layered Navigation which allows user to select different features. It helps to find the searching item.
  9. Magento allows to use different payment configurations like PayPal.
  10. You can add lots of different product configurations like Name, Price, Short Description, Special Price, SKU, Product Images, different custom attributes.
  11. Magento is  SEO friendly right out of the box. It gives you an ability of auto-generation of the site map, XML and manage the Meta Description and Page Title information.
  12. Simple reporting and base analytics. (Sales, Best Selling Products, Abandoned Carts, New and Returned Customers)
  13. Magento Community (CE) has a ton of useful stuff. Among them are lots of the high-level features.
  14. If you have a “heavy” website with lots of features and you need to load it quickly with the help of full-page caching, Enterprise has this feature.
  15. You have an opportunity to back up your system.

Magento Community is recommended to small and medium business owners and tech-savvy merchants.

In what cases do I need Magento Enterprise over Magento Community?

Difference between Magento Enterprise and Magento Community - enterprise

Enterprise edition has all the features described earlier and some more.

So, let’s analyze the additional features of Magento Enterprise comparing with Magento Community.

  1. If you have a huge number of products Magento Enterprise will handle large catalogs easily.
  2. Magento Enterprise has better scalability and it is 80% faster than Community edition.
  3. This edition also has faster checkout flow. The faster checkout process is - the more probable that customer pass it up to the end.
  4. More advanced administrator roles. For example, if you want to create a role that have permission for CMS, Product Management, but has no permission for System configuration.
  5. Advanced Marketing System. This system was created to help segment your clients, have advanced reports on purchases and failures.
  6. Have built-in Solar search (search engine that developed by Magento).
  7. You have an opportunity to make your email campaigns with the help of automated trigger-based email system.
  8. By buying your annual license you get Magento technical support.

And again, what is the difference between Magento Community and Enterprise?

Magento Community (CE) is a free open-source system, which allows to manage your online shop quickly and easily. You just need to hire a specialist that will help you to customize your store. Our company, Webinse, can help you manage with it and much more. We can help you with migration from other e-commerce platform, install and develop extensions for you, help with design and 3rd party integration.

You need Magento Enterprise (EE) if you are a big business owner with lots of customers and orders. Here is a table that may help you understand where Magento Community (CE) is enough, and where Magento Enterprise (EE) copes better. So, let's look Magento community vs Enterprise.

Magento Community vs Enterprise

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Target users

Small business owners, developers and tech-savvy merchants

Medium and large-sized business owners

Online orders per day

1 - 50

50 and more

Visitors per day 1 - 5000

5000 and more