Install Magento Community Extensions via Magento Connect Manager

1. Find an extension on the web-site. Find the extension you need in navigation system (move your mouse to “Integration”) or just search for what you need, please notice - you can search for three different versions of Magento,  the one you need is - “Community”.

magento community

2. When you find the right extension, click on “Install Now” button.

But before you done that, please pay enough attention to the extension release, which is available, this would depend on what Magento version you are actually running.

install magento extension

Then check “I agree” and click “Get extension key”

extension key

3. Copy the link and be ready to work with Magento.

4. In the “System menu” find “Magento Connect”, then click on “Magento Connect Manager” 

magento extension

Next you will pass to the request “Log In” which is needed for security reasons.

5. Then just past the key, that you have copied at Step 3 and paste it into the box shown on the picture and click “Install” button.

install magento extension

6. Program will give you an information about the extension, that you are installing. Check it and click “Proceed”.

install magento community extension

7. This information will let you know if the cash has been cleaned successfully, click the “Refresh” button.

install magento community extension

8. After this find the extension, that you just installed in the list.

install magento community extension

You are ready to use your extension!

You can also install Magento Community extensions from our developers, maybe you will find something right for you!