Landing page closely connected with “About Us” page. These pages are created to tell visitors about your store. They may include contacts, billing, shipping, company's history, etc. These pages can tell visitors about your business practices and to make your store more respected. In this article I will show you how to create landing page with the help of Magento CMS page.

Landing page is not a product page. Visitor does not choose a color of goods and does not add something to shopping cart.

Instead, it should make visitors to buy your product. You can read my articles about how to make your website more attractive for customers:

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Landing page often matches to a particular advertisement. For example, we added advertising on a website for business owners:

landing page 1

By clicking this ad visitors enter a landing page in the store:

landing page 2

The top of the landing page (above the list of products) is a basic landing page. First of all, we will see how to create this part of the page. The bottom of this landing page consists of dynamic content.

How to create basic landing page in Magento

To understand how to create basic landing page in Magento, you should understand how to create Magento CMS page (static).

Creating of a CMS page is described in my article:

Adding a template to the CMS page:

  1. Select Custom Design tab.
  2. If you want to use custom theme, select it in the drop-down menu.
  3. In the drop-down list Layout, select type of layout you want to see in your page.
  4. Save and view. You should see that the template was applied to the Magento CMS page. Content that you entered appears in Magento page. Now you have a basic landing page.

landing page 3

Basic landing page that we created is static. It has no dynamic content - the content that is formed during browsing of the page. You can make your landing page dynamic by adding Magento dynamic blocks like products and product categories.

How to add dynamic content to landing page in Magento

Create a product category for landing page:

  1. Choose Catalog - Manage Categories.
  2. Add a new subcategory in the Default category.
  3. In the Name field you can write "landing page" or something similar. While assigning products in this category, you will see this title.
  4. In the Active, select No. This will prevent displaying of categories in the navigation menu. Remember that you want to use this category only for your landing page.
  5. Key URL does not matter. This category will have its own page. It will be built into the landing page.
  6. You can fill in the Description. That will help you to remember the purpose of the category.
  7. You can skip the rest of the fields and tabs. Click Save.

landing page 4

Add products to the landing page category :

  1. Select Catalog - Manage Products. Manage Products page will be opened.
  2. For a product to be displayed on the page, click the Edit. Page is displayed Product Information. You will see a General tab.
  3. Select Categories.
  4. Select a category that you have created for your landing page. It should be gray because the category is not active
  5. Save the product.
  6. Repeat this procedure for each product that you want to see on the landing page.

landing page 5

So, our page works almost the same way as a usual category page. Remember that the landing page displays the products from the chosen category.