Magento statistics

Currently over 200 000 online stores with an aggregate turnover of 60 billion US Dollars per year are using the platform. The term “Magento” is now Googled more often than “eCommerce” - incontestable proof of its popularity. Magento also received awards from «Best of Open Source Software Awards» and «SourceForge Community Choice Awards» several times. For the week of September 23rd 2013, Quantcast data collated by BuiltWith Trends indicated that Magento ran on 11% of the top 10K sites (Community Edition 8.8% /Enterprise Edition 2.05%), 20% of the top 100K sites (Community 16.44% /Enterprise 3.23%), and 14% of the top million sites (Community 13.2% /Enterprise 1.11%)

A little History

Magento history had began with the founding of the Varien company as far back as 2001. It was established by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner. In early 2007 this company had decided to run a new ecommerce project, after 7 months of hard work, first Magento public beta version was released. This happened on the 31 of the august 2007. First magento Enterprise version was released in 2009. In 2011 Magento was absorbed by eBay and became part of X commerce an eBay Inc. company.

Nowadays Magento is one of the most widespreaded ecommerce platforms and has 278 solution partners all over the world (Webinse is one of them). Using the magento platform customers receive convenient and modern Ecommerce solution that will suite for any kind of business.The variety of extensions and modules will  help to find the best  solution even for the most meticulous user.

And this company is not going to stop. Their slogan “We don’t just operate on the Ecommerce market, we create it”  shows us Magentos ambitions.