Its transparency and openness allows you to track the development process in real time. Scrum gives great opportunity for cooperation not only between business owner and contractor, but inside the developers team as well. Another superlative side of flexible development, such as  Scrum, is predictability. Predictability in this case means matching the expectations with the  final product. Scrum also allows to foresee when your final product will be done and ready for use.  Another  reason why we use that methodology is the possibility to bill our customers hourly, instead of using a fixed bid.

So, how it works at Webinse!

First of all, let's hand out the roles in Scrum. There are three main roles: Scrum master, product owner and team. Just like everyone at Webinse, ScrumMaster is a team player. One of his main responsibilities is team coordination and cooperation with the product owner on all stages of project development. Together with his team and product owner, ScrumMaster participates in backlog creation and the planning of every single sprint and release. It is necessary to mention that in Agile, team is a self organized group, but as any other group it has a leader - ScrumMaster, who creates a confident and friendly atmosphere during all stages of project development. Daily Scrum  meetings helps him with that. After backlog creation and sprint planning Webinse team distribute all backlog tasks and subtasks among themselves. During the development process product owner can observe and clearly see all the changes which have been made. At the end of each sprint team analyzes all the breadth of completed work. As a result of sprint or several sprints we get a release - final product which can be implemented on the live web site. Sprint by sprint, release by release we are ready to develop your online store.The main idea of using Agile as our primary development methodology is giving an opportunity for our clients to be involved in development procedure as much as they want to be involved.

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