It’s a really common question for customers what extension from what developer or agency do they need.

Clients often faced with problem extensions variety, they are deciding between a dozen of different extensions, which are basically very similar in usage and functionality.

How could you help yourself to choose extensions among a huge number of proposals from different developers?

  1. The product must be approved by the platform creators. It’s very easy to check on Magento, you can check Magento Connect to see the extensions that are available for your needs. If Magento hasn’t approved the extension, it’s better to deny this proposition.
  2. The next step is to read reviews. If you look  the site of extension creator’s, you have to understand, that you ought to read them with a grain of salt. The same thing is when you see only one review for a product, so you can dig deeper and check different specialized forums. This is really a problem - on some platforms even the best extensions or plugins might only receive one or two reviews.
  3. If extension that you need is a brand new, you should check other reviews on the other developer’s products. So if you see amount of positive reviews on the other products – most probably,    the brand new developer’s extension will be great.
  4. This step must be the simplest, but it’s really matters – check your request in Google. Just research for product or some developer company, and see what you get back. If there are some warnings about the company, more likely you will find them.
  5. After these steps you are almost ready to download and install chosen extension, but there is a little last thing you should do before that. Make a backup, if it’s possible. By doing this you could really save your time and money!

So, I hope this article was helpful and you will be able to choose extention, that fits you best! You can check our free extensions on Magento website!