Not showing cross sell products in Magento is a huge mistake because this constrains your marketing potential. Magento cross-sell strategy is not hard to develop. But first we should understand cross-sells strategy on the whole. For example you have a great (or very good) product or service. I mean this product could be popular if potential customers would know about it. But they don’t.

The next example will be familiar to all who were involved in eCommerce. You can face with it in the virtual supermarkets like Amazon. After buying a book website offer you to buy songs or movies. Or you sell a program which helps to count calories for people concerned about their overweight. After adding a product in the shopping cart, the customer is offered to buy another product, for example, software for fitness training diary. As a result, a small portion of customers will buy the product.

magento cross sell 1

If you are new in eCommerce I will give you another example. Have you ever noticed that all the small, cheap goods are placed next to the cash register in markets? Candies, newspapers, batteries, air fresheners for the car, etc. This small items that sellers want us to buy when we are waiting in the checkout line.

Magento allows to offer customers to make such purchases online. We call it Magento cross-sell products. Take a look at the picture below, where an example of Magento cross-sell is shown. If you buy a tablet, display cleaner is offered in the shopping cart page. 

Unlike a brick and mortar store, the buyer doesn’t spend much time in the checkout. This means that Magento cross-sell products should be really attractive. However, online cross-sell products has an advantage. In Magento we know what in the buyer’s shopping cart before he/she approaches the checkout. So, we can offer the customer during the checkout process cross sell products that complements chosen product. In the previous example, after buying a tablet, we offer display cleaner, which is a good and cheap addition to a chosen item. So display products that are related or supplements on product page and get great advantage.

Just imagine that goods on the stands near checkout line vary depending on the items that you have in your shopping cart!

How to create Magento cross-sell products:

  1. Login to Magento Admin Panel.
  2. Choose Catalog - Manage Products. Manage Products page will be displayed. You will see a list of products that are in your store.
  3. Click in the product field you want to edit, then click the link Edit. Product Information page is displayed. You will see a tab General.
  4. Select the Custom Options.
  5. Press the Cross-sells. On this page you will search items for cross-sell products.
  6. Uncheck check box in the first column and select No in the drop down menu below the check box.

 magento cross sell 2

  1. Enter your search criteria to help you find the product.
  2. After entering or selecting your search criteria, click Search.
  3. For goods that you want to highlight, please check:

 magento cross sell 3

  1. Click Save And Continue Edit.
  2. Switch to the store’s frontend. Add product to the cart and make sure that your Magento cross-sell product is displayed.