That’s why many businessmen confirmed convenience of a Customer Relationship Management. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrates emails and tasks and calendars and so much more in one place. By being organized and storing things in a central location you'll bring all the pieces together. This is the key of business organization.

Good customer service leads to so many benefits. Not only the trust of the clients will gain, as a lead, they can also spread information about the firm and advice your firm by leaving the comments or writing some good stuff about your firm.

CRM is very important in eCommerce, because you should definitely support clients in time, you should try to leave customers satisfied to make them come back in the future. This is very important for developing and grown-up firms.

Of course, it is debatable whether you need a CRM, but according to experience, decentralized system doesn’t work as expected. Sure, most of us are able to keep in mind 10 or 20 clients, but there comes a point when you just can't track them all and their associated tasks and events. You can simply forget about your client, and such situation can be a blow to your reputation. With a CRM you can store and manage hundreds of clients and let a computer system handle the task of recall.

The main focus in your business is on the client, so you should not forget about communication with them.

If you can’t afford to forget about important meeting with a client, there is really useful extension in this case – Webinse CRM Extension. This extension is a very functional CRM with “alarm”, which helps not to forget about client or order.

What do I get from Webinse CRM extension?

Webinse СRM allows you to create reminders for orders and customers. That will help you to split tasks and reminders among different employees of your Magento store.

CRM also maintains attachments that are not reminders indeed.

All reminders are related with start and due date and all reminders are visible on the top of back-end pages all the time before their accomplishment.


  1.   Ability to set up reminders and notes
  2.   Ability to set reminder's content by using WYSIWYG editor
  3.   Possibility to have attachments to orders and customers
  4.   Possibility to see reminders on the top of dashboard or on all back-end pages
  5.   Ability to see all reminders in the CRM tab
  6.  Convenient management of the reminders by using statuses such as 'Pending', 'Running', 'Complete' or 'Failed'
  7.   CRM tab for orders
  8.   CRM tab for customer

If you are interested in Webinse CRM extension, you can get more information and download it for free from the link below:

Summing up, this is very useful extension for firms, which value their clients.  Clients support is not just considered prestigious, it is also a great way to show your thoughtful approach to your previous customers that could help you to expand your customer base in future.