So, where do you start?

1. Check the user experience. Ask your friends and your family to check the user experience in your  online store. Collect all opinions and feedbacks and be ready for criticism. Of course, this should be done thousand times before pushing it to the live, but it will never be over with customer experience. So, go ahead and do it again. 2. Add your website to all search engines. You can do it manually or use free services for this, such as ADD ME any other that you like. Now, when search engines are aware of your existence, it would be great to add your products to the SHOPPING ENGINES - Google Shopping, Bing Shopping,, etc. 3. Add your business to the map. This is a great opportunity for those who own brick and mortar shops to add your website URL to the description. 4. Register on webmaster tools and add a sitemap.xml in there. If you still don’t have a sitemap, you can generate it here 5. Install Google Analytics. With this tool you will be able to see your progress and how your improvements influence the traffic. 6. Start to earn credibility. Find place in your store for badges and Certificates from advanced services: Verisign,PayPal verification,, It must be visible that reputable companies vouching for your reputation. SSL certificate in your store would be a plus. You can also start to work on your social proof. Try to get good feedback from all over the web and place them in your store. I have already written about How to get and where to place feedbacks. From my side, for social proof, I can recommend the following portals: ResellerRatings, Trustpilot,, etc… 7. Adwords advertising campaign. At the beginning I would recommend to use a product listing ads. This will point to Google to advertise your product feed when someone enters your prepaid search term. You will get better clickthrough rate, and more interactive user experience, than with the text ads at the beginning. 8. Set a blog and fill it with unique and quality content. Make sure that you share this content all over the web: thematic forums, social networks, other internet communities. (If anyone doesn't know that will improve your SEO) 9. Promote your core pages. The Beginning is the hardest time for online business. If you just run your online business, your customers are not aware of your existence, but they probably know about the products that you sell. So, during first period it is easier to promote particular products from your store than whole categories. Its easier to rank “Nike Flex Supreme Tr 2 Training & Gym Shoes” than just “Nike training shoes” As more of particular products begin to show in the Google rankings, the SERPs, your Categories and subcategories will start to rise naturally. 10. Develop your coupons program and distribute them through appropriate websites. Cooperation with these sources will give you great relevant traffic, and what is even more important; it will bring you customers and money. Complete this list if there is anything what I missed!