That’s what marketers and designers mean when talking about “personalization”. In 2014 Adobe and Econsultancy made a research among 700 digital marketers, 51% agreed that posiibilityof personalization of web content is the the fundamental part in their online-strategy

Last year, 7000 participants took part in a research. All they confirmed individualization of work with clients,and in particular, personalization, as the main priority.

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In general, personalization is proving of an individual offer to the user, based on data on his preferences. Ways of obtaining this information are on the conscience of the company. Ideally, looking at the screen of a computer or mobile device, the user will only see what interests him. So much effort is being made not for the good mood of a person, but for getting deeper into his wallet. However, the process of buying becomes more comfortable, and enjoyment is more pleasant. This is an undeniable "side effect" of personalization.

The particular example of personalization is customization. Globally, it’s a possibility to adapt something for yourself or another particular person. In marketing, it’s a partial modification of a mass-market product for a for a specific request. For example, Amazon proposes to customize the Kindle cases for free. Google and Facebook let you customize your page, and Coca-Cola - your can or bottle.


Another very important issue the speed and mobility. Lots of money is lost due to abandoned shopping carts while the mobile version of the site was loading too long or could not finish the transaction. At the same time mobile apps are getting more adaptive and are more fast and convenient for shoppers. Ecommerce is now focused on reducing the number of clicks necessary to complete a sale to keep these customers from abandoning their shopping carts.


Another innovation in eCommerce is the era of chatbots. More and more big companies start to use the virtual assistant that can detect what the consumer is looking for, help to choose the product, answer all the questions about it and in the end sells it! Chatbot even detect the style of language used in order to converse in a similar manner. Chatbot is like the agent that communicates behalf of the brand in the instant messenger and get the consumers really involved.


And what tricks do you use for making your customers buy more?