Engagement models in web development

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  • Fixed Bid
  • Time and materials
  • Retainer

Fixed bid is the best option for projects with a medium complexity level, with clearly identified  assumptions and risks, with low possibility of changes and fixed budget.This model allows clients to determine the scope of development and calculate what resources it might take.


  • Risk reduction
  • Guaranteed on time delivery
  • Calculated price with desired quality

Time and materials will perfectly fit complicated tasks with the possibility of frequent changes and specific requirements. This is a model which is based on clients needs with estimates in accordance to the scope of development. An Hourly rate is adopted for this type of engagement model in Webinse.


  • Adequate and optimally calculated price
  • Possibility of frequent  process updating, and extension or squeezing of the project development.

Dedicated Offshore Development Facility or Retainer is the best choice for customers who are interested in permanent offshore support. The retainer means that we can offer our services for a fixed period, and during that time we are completely at your disposal.


  • Flexibility in given tasks changing
  • Fixed price per hour
  • Opportunity of terms extension