On the other hand, for business owners this is a great opportunity to gain customers trust and improve service. By earning 1 good feedback you are getting hundreds of customers. So, let’s figure out how to turn quality into quantity.

Why do customers need feedback and comments?

  • Firstly, they need the opportunity to express their opinion. Nothing makes people more satisfied than thinking that their opinion is important.
  • From a psychological perspective buyer needs an approval of his choice from the side.
  • Comments and feedback increase confidence in this particular online store.
  • Additional information about products or services from people who have already had an experience with this store.

I hope that we have figured out why customers need feedback, now let’s estimate profit from feedback for online stores. And trust me, there is some!

Why do internet stores need feedback and comments?

  • More additional unique content on the website.
  • Visitors will spend more time on your site reviewing comments.
  • It’s very useful for SEO. Not only as additional content, but also as a generator of key words and phrases.
  • Increasing buyers’ loyalty and trust to your website, and products from it.
  • Terrific opportunity for public interaction with your customers. By answering the comments from your visitors, you can position yourself and your shop in a favorable light.
  • Geo targeting. With the help of grouping comments by regions, potential buyers could receive information,... let's say about taxes or the specifics of delivery to their regions.

How to get, and where to place comments on your website.

  • Feedback can increase your conversion rate if they are placed on the proper place, for products on online stores, this place is right under the picture of the product or description of it.
  • The easiest way to get feedback - is to place a scale from 1 to 5 or 10. This is the simplest way and doesn't require any effort from the customer.
  • The more feedback you have than more you will get. As we know, crowds generate crowds,  the same thing happens in Ecommerce. So, at the beginning it is not gonna be easy. For motivation you can offer discounts or coupons for feedback but it is not the only way.
  • You can announce some contests among your customers smth. like “leave a comment and get…” ,“write why do you like it and get…” or even more complex, “take a picture with our product and get…”
  • A perfect comment is a comment which works with different objections. These comments effect the conversion rate more than others. The more answers a visitor can find on the product page - the bigger the possibility of purchasing you have.
  • Another useful option is a “leave a feedback” button near to the purchased items in the account page or cart. You can make this option available, which allows people to leave their feedback, but only for people who have already bought this product in your store, to avoid unfair assessments and make this scale more objective.
  • Try to turn any opinion into a feedback. I you have received a letter or email about your product, publish it on the website (previously ask permission from the author), If you find good feedback on a social network extrapolate it to your own website etc.
  • Bad experience is also an experience. Don’t delete all negative comments or feedback from the website, it is another proof of your honesty. Just leave a reply under it, where you explain the problem and provide an alternative solution.

Please leave some feedback to this post, if you found it interesting or helpful. And remember - your reputation works on you only if you work on it.