Usually a huge part of offline and online advertising leads your potential customers to the homepage of your store. Your ecommerce success depends on how qualitative and clear this page is, how fully it represents the store and the products in it. How can you reach this success with the help of the homepage? Very easily, just give a few answers to your dear visitor.

Where am I?

Make sure that even random visitor will get an answer to this question immediately. People must clearly realise what is the page about and what they can do there.

What does this company do/ What do they sell in this store...?

Provide intelligible description about your company or store.  No need to write novels and poems about it, just give the basic information and place some illustrations about your online business.

Can I trust them?

First of all your home page has to be good looking. This is  the first impression about your business, as we know the first impression is the most powerful. Find a place for links to a portfolio or feedback from your previous or current customers, leave contact information for people who are hesitante. This will make your site more trusted among internet users.

Do they have what I am looking for?

A catalog button is almost mandatory. It has to be easy for visitors to take a look at all products or services that your company or store provides. If you have a lot of them, group them. It will help to turn visitors into customers.

What is my benefit?

A customer has to be sure that by ordering from you he will get more for less, so the homepage is the best place for announcements about sales, discounts, special offers e.t.c... If you have any other benefits or advantages over your competitors, don’t be shy and show them to your visitors.

Remember, your homepage is the face of your store, familiarization with your business begins from here. So make sure that it is really good looking. This is the best place where you should start to work on your conversion rate optimisation. Read more about conversion rate optimisation.