I have written about this modern model of interaction with clients in one of my previous articles. (Turned out pretty good by the way). But, as in all questions that are connected to finance in any way, we must be very meticulous. So lets sort this issue out better.


First of all you pay for what your contractor actually does in terms of time spent on a specific project. It means that you only pay for prearranged hours, but not for coffee or smoking breaks. It definitely saves you money.

Amazing possibility to predict the future.

In other words it is an absolute certainly. Regardless of whether you are a lover of surprises or not. Predictability is rather important in web development, don’t you think? Charging you hourly we can give you an ability to predict what and when will be done. If you pay hourly, this godlike ability at your command.


Thanks to the hourly rate our clients can make changes and give us new tasks during all the life cycle of project development. By paying hourly you are the one who can see direct connection between money which had been spent and work which had been done, on every single step.


Transparency is not a skill, it is an attitude. We can guarantee the best attitude for every client. Our hourly rate you receive a great opportunity to observe the quality and speed of the project development. Transparency in our actions in web development is one more possibility to save your money and get the product with the best quality.

Of course, an hourly rate is not the perfect model of payment, but it is the best amongst all current models. Sure, it is also has minuses as well, but if you have a good contractor and you trust them, all these  minuses could be easily minimalised.