So lets figure out what showrooming is ?

No, it isn't the worst nightmare of offline retailers, when the store is overcrowded and there is a huge line for the fitting rooms, but no customers near the register.

Some retailers still believe that showrooming is a destructive phenomenon, when customers visit brick and mortar shops only to get missing information about product, and then purchasing it online.

So,the definition of the showrooming is the practice ofexamining, fitting, trying on... actually the collection of any information about the product which can not be provided online. And only then - purchasing! And here competition starts for a place where this product would be sold.

So if you are represented in both markets, just pay attention to all visitors. You never know where they will buy your product, just make sure that the customer experience was good enough in any of your stores, and it will guarantee your commercial success. Actually,it is the same story even if you only own a store in one of the  fields mentioned, because it is all about information that people will get about your business from the internet in the future. According to the Columbia Business School researche, comments and feedback are the most valuable and trusted advertising on the net. These statistics also say that almost 60 percent of respondents would prefer to buy items in a store which has positive reviews and feedback from people who have already had an experience with this shop. Unfortunately analytics expects up to 15 percent of prepaid reviews by 2015. However showrooming can be turned into an extra-useful advertising tool. Showrooming must be considered as an amazing opportunity to attract new clients and a great interaction channel with them. A good impression creates a positive image, positive image attracts customers, pretty simple isn’t it? Easy to express but difficult to reach, ha? However if  you take good care about customer service, about  your PR activity improvement, your service optimization - your commercial success is guaranteed. Just remember it all depends on you.