Customer can get lost in your shop, because in most cases he don’t know the exact name of searching item. Even if you have lots of categories with convenient system of filters, there is always an opportunity that your client doesn’t know to which category to go and what filters to apply to find product. So the search result is likely will be inappropriate. For solving this kind of issues you can use full-text search that Magento offers. You can use search engine Apache Solr for Magento.

Advantages of Apache Solr integration with Magento

Apache Solr provide you with the next advantages:

  • 0 result tips;
  • correction of your search result and suggestions;
  • clustering
  • search of localized characters.

Stages of Magento Solr installation:

  1. Install Java Runtime Environment;
  2. You need to launch Java application as a system service if you haven’t one;
  3. Magento Enterprise configuration with setted full-text search.

How to install Solr?

We recommended to ask professionals to install Apache Solr for your Magento store. Because installation requires to change server configuration. You should create a backup of your website, if you don’t know how to do it, read how to backup Magento. Please note, this instructions are suits for Debian/Ubuntu. First with the next command install Java. 1 Then create and prepare directories for Apache Solr installation. 2 With the next command download Apache: 3 Duplicate your configurations of Magento for Solr. 4 Add next lines to file /etc/init.d/apache-solr to do auto-start for your script. 5 6 7 Add next lines to file /etc/logrotate.d/apache-solr to create logrotate configuration: 8 With the next line your file logs will be initialized: 9 And the last, but not the least: 10 With this command lines Apache Solr will be launched and added to auto-start. If everything is working, you will see Solr control panel by this address: http://name-of your website-ip:8983/solr/admin/ to make solr configuration.