It’s not very easy to start your own eCommerce site. You must take into account a lot of things, such as what hosting to choose, how to deliver your products and define right places for your advertising, etc. And one of the most important thing among this problems is how to make your website attractive to customers.

If you want to turn viewers into buyers following information is worth your consideration.


10 tips how to make your website successful:

1) A clear sense of what your company offers

This information should be on the main page of your site. When your potential customer reads this information, he should have a clear view of what your company offers and why he should buy stuff in your store.

2) Mobile Version

You should have mobile version of your site, not because it’s a new trend, but because of the spreading of mobile phones and tablets.

3) Feedback from customers

One of the most influential factors in our purchase decisions is the opinions of our friends and relatives. The majority of online shoppers now trust what other customers say about the products they buy more than the words of site owner. In fact, people often underestimate the power of feedback. It will be very interesting for you to get more information about the feedbacks’ influence on customers.

4) Design

Of course your website should be outstanding to attract more customers. From psychological point of view - the more beautiful a website is, the more desire to buy it awakes.

5) Speed

Clients don’t like to wait for a product page to open. So if you want them to stay at your site longer make sure that you don’t test the customers’ patience!

6) Product Selection

Most startups cannot afford having a wide product selection like big companies do. But don’t think that having an enormous range of products is the key to success. Sometimes you need to allow customers quickly find what they are looking for.

7) Shopping Cart

This item will let your visitors buy and pay for your merchandise all on-line, so you should add shopping cart for the convenience of your future buyers.

8) Ease of use and navigation    

If a customer does not understand where to go, how to buy or where your products are, he will reject your site and proceed to the next in Google. You should have clear navigation and simple calls to action.

9) Special offers and personalization

All the customers like personal attitude and sales. So you can write about a special deal for them or install the Daily deals app, which ought to help customers make their decision quickly.

10) Customer Support After the Transaction

Actually, this type of support is very important, you definitely want your customers to be back. So, you can remind them with the help of e-mail notifications that they have something in a wishlist or that they can visit your webstore again to see more related products.

So these are the most common ways to solve problems of a non-attractive eCommerce website. Feel free to use them, they are very simple, but nonetheless very important.