This opportunity is one of the biggest benefits of offline stores under ecommerce. The purpose of shop administration is to turn this shortcoming into an advantage. Let the image tell everything about the product, and still more. Images in your store are literally - the face of your business. We have composed 5 precepts; following these will give you an opportunity to attract and hold your customers.

precept 1 “Be creative”

The first logical question to appear,  is - “Where can I get photos for my product page?” Initially, request photos from your supplier. Usually they provide free access to their photo banks with professionally designed photos of the goods. But it is only a temporary solution and it is not suitable for all categories of products. It is often better to take the photographs yourself. But the best way, of course, is to entrust it to the professionals. This will allow you to position products according to your marketing and branding strategy.

precept 2 “Use all your skills”

Nowadays even a schoolkid is familiar with graphical editors, the variety of them is impressive, just choose the one you like and go ahead. Photo Editors give us an amazing abilities to customize photos according to our wishes. Using photo editors we can optimize shadow balance, make color corrections, zoom on important details, fix small photo defects. But be very careful with this tool - photo editors are designed to place products in the right light, so it is very important to keep your products looking realistic. Otherwise it can lead to a critical number of returns and complaints, which is rather devastating for Ecommerce.

precept 3 “More means better”

 The 3 rd suggestion is very simple: try to provide as much information as you can through the images, which means to provide enough photos to your visitors to make them purchase immediately. Reduce any anxiety about the quality and competitiveness of your products, this will improve your conversion rate immediately. The reader’s attention span on pages with high-quality photo’s (with zoom in and zoom out option) increases by up to 120%.

precept 4 “Don’t be greedy”

By using watermarks and logos on the product images you are not only securing your content, you are also working on the branding and advertising of your store. This is a good reminder for people who had liked your product and downloaded a couple of photos from your site. They can always come back for shopping. Don’t give visitors a hard time, if they want to save some illustrative content from your site.

The 5th precept for images in your store “Stay clear”

It is better to refuse content from sliders with flash technologies and complicated galleries which need to be reloaded completely. Flash is becoming redundant and some mobile devices don’t support it at all. If we are talking about the product catalog, I would suggest for you to use the preview option. If we are already on the product page, it is better to use a bigger picture, but with the possibility to zoom it in. I prefer scripts which leave the user on the page without redirection. However, clicking on the photo visitor shouldn't  be inconvenienced by the hassle of opening multiple windows and repeated uploading of photographs. So for heavy photos with high definition it is better to use pop-ups or specific scripts.

Combine all these precepts, add your own style and then multiply it on magento platform achievements and abilities, and get a superbly functioning ecommerce.