So how to improve your store performance?

Home page

The basic rule of store performance is to make an attractive and user friendly design of Home page and not to overdo it.

You always want to add more, to inform your visitors about all sales, privileges and to show all the goods and services you have. Keep this desires to yourself: your Homepage should be simple and understandable.

1. Products and categories.  As I said before, you can’t show all your shop in one page, but you can promote the product with sale, new products, etc.

Home page displays only top-level categories of products - the buyer needs to know where to go and what to buy. We just need to scatter breadcrumbs leading to the goods.

2. Customer wants to know about your new product. News about your products, some recipes, tips regularly placed on the main page or links to news in your store helps customer also to ensure that the website is alive. Display posts from Twitter or Facebook, or links to recent company’s blog posts. Introduce yourself to buyers as a growing and developing company.

3. Videos. If you have a video presentation of goods that you are selling, show it on the main page. If you have a cool motivating flash animation of your product that will help your client to make a purchase, use it.

4. Tell what sells your store, how to buy goods, which are available delivery methods - quite often, this information is difficult to find in the shops, or it simply does not exist. This is unacceptable!

User-friendly product search

The most important tool in the store performance is product search. Give your customers a powerful advanced tool to search goods by category, price and other different characteristics. Remember, that you left your potential customers tet-a-tet with your store. If visitor can’t find the goods you have he will never turn into a buyer.

5. The search field should always be on every page of your store.

6. Use the advanced search module.

7. Search with autocompletion. This feature is already built into Magento. This option allows shoppers quickly and correctly find searching item.

"Breadcrumbs" and built-in navigation - don’t let your buyer get lost

8. Show the customer where he is - use the navigation. For example, the buyer in the category "Accessories" and can return to "Shop" or "Home Page."

9. Show the customer where to go next - do not use just drop down menu, make a text link to make your store performance clear.

Product page

10. Convince the buyer that he need the product and that he need to buy it in your shop.

The first impression about the product is very important for store performance!

Additional recommendations:

  • Price - make it visible clearly, do not try to reduce it visually.
  • Button "Add to Cart" - make it large and bright, but do not overdo it. Make button “Add to Wishlist" less noticeable - it's not stimulating to purchase very much..
  • Payment - provide the ma ximum number of payment methods: Paypal, Google Checkout, all major credit cards, etc.
  • Opportunity to tell others about the product - let your customers communicate with others about interesting goods.

11. Use the modules "Featured Products" and "Related Products".

Shopping Cart

12. Show clearly what is in the Cart: product, quantity, price.

The buyer should be able to change the amount of any item in the basket and even remove it from it with ease.

13. Make the block "Related Products" visible when buyer adding items to his cart - it promotes the acquisition of a larger number of products.


14. Make the checkout process as easy and convenient as it possible. This is not for store performance, but more for client - to help him make his purchase complete. The best option is to order processing on a single page, but it is not suitable for all.

If you want to ensure that your Magento store can be better that before - contact us, we will make your wishes come true!