Magento Best Seller Extension

When you have a small shop and manage it by yourself you always know what products are more popular, and are the most fruitful for your business.

But when you have an e-commerce business and sell hundreds or thousands of products, that are of different categories, it’s not easy to understand how many goods are sold, which of them are really profitable for you.

Do you need this information? Of course you do! A good seller understands that there is no profitable niche, there are profitable products. Here comes the new question - how to understand what products are fruitful?

For example, you sell clothing but some of items are sold like hotcakes and some of them are not even added to favorites. You don’t need a market research of your shop to find the goldmine anymore.

magento bestseller extension

Magento Best Seller Extension allows you to display products that are the most fruitful for your business based on of the criteria such as: revenue (price of ordered products taking into account taxes), max profit (price of the most profitable ordered products), qty (based on the quantity of ordered products). You can set the time interval when this statistics should be updated and configure other parameters to select bestsellers with needed characteristics.

You can also combine this extension with Magento Wishlist Extension that will help you to reach all the clients who added your best sellers to favorites but have not finished the deal yet.

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Wish you the productive sales!