Magento Daily Deal Extension

Our extension has highly customizable interface.Also you could show your clients how much items left, compare regular price with promo price, show how much are you saving!

magento daily deal extension

Moreover with our extension is not just for front-end part. It could set promo price automatically, you could schedule deals to start at certain date or day of the week, you could choose how long would you like to run the deal set this one time and our extension will take care about the rest.

Being one of the most popular Magento Daily Deals extension it remains way cheaper than other extensions but with potential worse 3 times more.

Perfect and convenient way to increase your sales and promote your product!

Who would need this extension? Anyone who would like to sell more and attract their customer’s attention to certain products.

You could check our front-end and beck-end demo as well as learn more about our extension right here

We hope that article was useful for you and dismissed any doubts regarding whether you need this extension or not So we hope to see you soon as our new customer.