Magento Development Hourly Rate

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Magento development hours is unique form of services that can be bought. It’s possibility to hire magento developer for fixing issues that you have on site for price, which is much lower than website development costs. Whether you’re looking for specific Magento development or general ecommerce consulting you can buy development hours, thereby you hire magento developer wich can meet your needs.

One Magento development hour represents one clock hour of work professional certified Magento developer, who can provide best work in front-end web development or backend programming. Inherently it’s magento developer’s working hours which can be used for resolving any problem which appeared on site.

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Magento development hours

Advantage of this is that magento development hours and cost of Webinse's Senior developer is the same or even lower than average web developer hourly rate, that give you quality services for a reasonable price.

What developer’s services are exactly included in Magento development hours

  • Custom Magento design (user-interface design and customization);
  • Custom module development (integrate own module in existing Magento project).
  • Custom Magento development (installing/customising extensions, creating non-standard functionality, theme setup, payment systems and shopping cart integration, etc.);

Also you can use bought magento development hours for magento consulting. In any time You will be able to ask your questions to magento expert developer. Developer will describe and explain the best ways of management and improvement of your Magento website.

Magento development hours

Save your own hours while using Webinse hours

So how it works? When appears some problem with site or it’s needed in improvements you buy the bunch of hours for this work and we proceed with it.  If you don’t know how much it may take, we can make an estimate for your offered job.

Thus, development hours is a possibility to have real time management of the website which includes the different functional upgrades and fixes. Magento Developer hours allow to buy time which can be used only for fixing certain issue.  So there’s no need anymore to purchase a full range of developer’s services, when you need to resolve just some small issue or even more.

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