Magento Order PDF

This extension will save a lot of your time.

You can manage the content blocks of the order, company information, add your logo, choose a color, font — so you can personalize orders as you like.

magento order pdf extension

Who would need this extension? The answer is quite simple - people who would like to print the list of orders they have.

The most common use of it is when you are working with a postpaid method like for instance you are delivering food or other staff and receiving payment only after the product has been delivered so you don’t invoice to print yet, but you need to print something like order and here comes our extension!

And that is just one example of possible use. We are sure if you are interested in this extension you know what to do with it!

We hope this note was a helpful one.

Please come and check our extension right here

In the description you can find full documentation, screenshots and even test it by your own on our demo server! And don’t forget about our special offer: Get -10% when you buy 2 or more extensions