So we want to congratulate Magento with homecoming!

This exciting event took place on the 6th of September in Kiev, at the Hilton Hotel, that was the host of the first Meet Magento conference in Ukraine!

It is always exciting to be a part of the conference that is held in the new country for the first time. But despite this fact the event was really amazing! It was full of inspirational speeches and appreciative audience.

There were a lot of guests from other countries. It was very interesting to listen to presentations from our and foreign colleagues who are engaged in Magento. There were many business owners and ecommerce stores owners, except Magento developers and enthusiasts.

Magento community has always been characterized by openness and goodwill, we are pleased to save this spirit at the Meet Magento Ukraine during the speeches, coffee breaks and after-party. We were glad to join the friendly Magento community.

The conference was held in the best traditions of Meet Magento worldwide, that means a friendly atmosphere. Also we had an opportunity to talk to Magento business owners and enthusiasts in an informal setting at the after party. Meet Magento events always will be a perfect venue to connect people, share knowledge and ideas, and finally find new friends.

We were glad to see all of the Magneto geeks there!

We like to be a part of such events, we also were sponsors of our local IT Forum in Zaporozhye.