Magento marketing head Craig Peasley commented on this major decision. According to his words, the company made this step to focus on the two Magento e-commerce software products: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. As follows, this two editions have more sophisticated and target online sellers.

It is obvious, that enterprises will move their shops to different services. But eBay recommends site owners to migrate to Magento Community or Magento Enterprise, and migration will  pass without any issues and will bring a lot of advantages for business owners. These solutions better equip and offer support to small and medium size enterprises that want to be competitive in e-commerce landscape. Also, online shops will be able to host without limitations on the Magento Community platform, which will be worthy replacement for Magento Go and all the expectations and requirements will be met.

There are a lot of benefits in Community and Enterprise editions, including custom Magento development and other aspects, that will be there as additional advantages in compare with Magento Go. Magento Community is a free, popular and well-developed edition, it has lots of free and paid extensions, which will add more functionality to your store.

What advantages will I get if I migrate from Magento Go to Magento Community?

So, let's talk about specifics and advantages of using Magento Community in details.

1.Fully packaged e-commerce solution. You will have all advantages and opportunities of Magento, including order management, mobile-optimized website, CMS with WYSWYG editor, shopping cart, etc. Also you will be able to choose extensions that you need. Magento Go has only 16 extensions while Community edition can offer you more than 1500 extensions, just imagine how many opportunities you will get. 2. Built-in SEO and Marketing Tools. You will have all for the SEO and Marketing policy — social media integration facility, tools for email marketing, also a lot of exclusive features to your taste. 3. Support of the team. You will have an opportunity to work with the biggest support community, which can help you with anything — from setting your store from the start up to developing some extra features for your store.

4. Magento Go has very strict limitations on themes usage. Only predetermined themes could be used. I would also add limited JS support and no access to code as a minuses of Magento Go edition. And after migration all these limitations will be in the past.

If you want to migrate from Magento Go to Magento Community you need to:

  1. Archive your data. This is important not only for migration, but for future references and analysis.
  2. Check if you have access to the domain control panel, with the help of it you will manage your account. Next you need to prepare your DNS record updates and upgrade your DNS server.
  3. Check your DNS data settings on your “Go Live” date.
  4. Also you need to hook up a payment provider (for example, PayPal, Amazon Payments, etc.)

If you could not help yourself with migration from Magento Go please, contact us.

We can help you not only with data migration, we also will help you with web development, design changes, we can customize your store and develop unique extensions exactly for your business. To get more details about migration from Magento Go edition  please feel free to contact us.