So, Let's get ready to rumble! 

OneStep vs OnePage checkout Magento - very interesting topic to discuss. High checkout abandonment rate is one of the most unpleasant things in online marketing, Here you literally lose your anticipated profit. However this is a occupational hazard of online business. So how can we avoid this as often as possible on the Magento platform? Onestep checkout and default Magento onepage checkout are our primary options. I had read a lot of articles and researches, I had familiarize myself with a lot of test results, I even had done my own research among some of our clients. Answers and results were so different for every single store that I didn’t find a definitive answer. So I will just try to bring the general consensus of respondents who voted for different checkout models. People who voted for onestep checkout say that:

  • It helps to keep fields in needed order for swift transactions

Less clutter during checkout process is always an advantage.

  •  It reduces possibilities of mistakes in orders

Using onestep checkout you keep your customer concentrated on one field that he/she is filling out at this moment. So you will not bother your customer in case of a mistake in his or her mailing or billing information. Automatic field updating option, which is available for onestep checkout, which also helps a lot.

  • It is simply installed on Magento platform

Onestep checkout process is easy to install, and this is another reason to try that, if only to test this checkout process at your store. And it is not only my opinion, it is actually only the one statement that almost everybody agrees with.

And what about onepage checkout ?

As you already know onepage checkout is set by default in Magento, which is already a benefit, because you shouldn’t install it. And it also has a lot of supporters as well. Here are the facts in support of their choice.

No surprises, which means that customers know all amount of the fields and the types of questions ahead. Magento default onepage checkout actually has 6 steps on 6 pages, which are loaded with Ajax, so it is not one huge page where you can get lost or confused and abandon this store for long time as a result. There are some cool Magento checkout extensions that can reduce a lot of minuses, like the free extension for skipping the first step of checkout.

I’d like to draw your attention to alternative solutions as well.

GoMage light checkout (Bronze industry Magento partner)  - easy to use Magento checkout model which deservedly conquered their part of supporters in ecommerce.

 Step-by-step One Page Checkout for Magento (Bronze industry Magento partner) - interesting extension for those who are looking for an alternative solution.

As I have already mentioned in this article, there is only one way to figure out which checkout process will fit your online store the best - test all of the check out processes on your website. Of course it might cost you something, but it also can give you an amazing conversion rate optimization and profit increase. If you know any other useful one click checkout extensions, please leave us a comment .