Initially let’s talk about the reasons why your potential customers decide not to buy in your online-shop. Actually, there are 14 main reasons (according to online shopping statistics) of leaving without paying.

online shopping statistics - diagram Let’s divide similar problems into four groups for our convenience.

online shopping statistics - tabl

Psychological factors

Psychological factors play one of the main roles in customers' purchasing (this fact is confirmed by online shopping statistics). Customers want personal attitude, so you should do everything to make them feel like they are appreciated! This includes clear and accessible product description, clear call-to-actions, all kinds of special deals and discounts. But be careful, there is a downside: the more choice you give a person, the less probable that he makes a decision. So everything should be simple and clear, the page should not be overloaded with information.

Marketing policy

Issues with marketing policy occupies a large part in online shopping statistics. Online marketing policy should be flexible because the modern online market is growing and developing extremely fast. Your competitors can come up with something new, while you keep using an old strategy. So you need to keep up and be prepared to react to changes in the market.

56% of customers are presented with unexpected costs. To avoid this trouble and make buyers enjoy the buying process, you need to write all the conditions of purchase and delivery before placing the order. For example, I want to buy slippers that cost $10. I add them to the shopping cart, then I go to the purchase page and see that 10 dollars was the price for the purchase of 100 and more pairs of slippers, and their retail price is $35. I don't need no 100 pairs of slippers, and the price of 35$ is too high for me. So I'm going to search for desired product further. Also you should use a right shopping cart, which will show all the information in the grid about the buying product.

If your customer wants to look for slippers with better price - it's not an issue. There are two effective ways to turn back a client – retargeting and special offers. The essence of retargeting is: the person was looking for slippers on your website, then moved to a website where you place advertising. As contextual ads (thank you, Google) shows the most frequent customer requests, he sees exactly those products (in our case - slippers) that he was looking for earlier. As a result, the customer goes to your site and ....

The second way is special offers. If your potential customer thinks that the overall price istoo high, you can try the psychological effect of Daily deals. This thing is used by websites.

For example, you can take the same price ($10) and put “sale” badge on it. It is not a real sale, but it certainly will attract potential buyers’ attention and increase probability of actual purchase.

If I would like to get the cool slippers with pink bubo for a special price, as I liked them, and I still have a chance to save as much as $2! Or maybe I will have a present – a beautiful cup with the print “I am a happy owner of sleepers”.

If your customers are not satisfied with the terms of delivery, you should think about more convenient way to deliver your product. Since today there are many companies, both local and international, that are engaged in the delivery you can find conditions that will suit your customers. Also very often firms do free shipping. Note that if you can correctly segment customers by geographic factors your delivery methods will meet their needs. For example, I want to buy slippers and I have no need to see the sites that can deliver me them from abroad.

Website issues

Problems with your website occupy the second place in online shopping statistics for the delivery problems to customers. How can I improve my SEO and stay clear for customers?

It happens very often that the navigation of a website is very complicated. Of course, it is great if your website has beautiful and attractive design - it can impress the buyer. But first and foremost, the site should be simple - the client often does not see the links, which look like  pictures. In this case you should write clear call-to-action  - buy slippers, register/log in, go to the shopping card.

There is also the problem that the buying process is taking too long. Make it easier by using the shopping cart. But there is a catch in here, should I choose one-step or one-page checkout?

In our online shopping statistics problem of the website timeout occupies 11%. Statistically average standard waiting time for all sites - 1440 seconds. If you dig into the settings, you can set more time and the problem will be solved.

That often happens that your website does not work for some of your clients.You need to test it from time to time for a variety of clients, from different countries, for different browsers, etc.

Payment problems

There is one solution for all the problems with payment - offer different payment methods, most popular are by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. Also, it all depends on what country you are offering your goods to and the audience you are targeting. Then probability of the payment declined will be less. The same applies to price which presented with foreign currency, configure your online store for different currencies. For example, Paypal as payment method allows you to do this.

The two-factor payment security checks is the most common. You enter details of your card, then you will receive a text message with a verification code, than you drive a confirmation code in a website to confirm the payment of your order. If customer believes that this process is taking too long, offer additional payment methods.