hat permissions do i need to install Magento extension?

Many of you have faced the problem that you have no permissions or rights when you are trying to install Magento extension. For others this problem is yet to come. For example, you set a new extension through Magento Connect, then tried to go to the settings and get the message - Access denied. Despite the fact that you are a system administrator.

When installing Magento you should set right permissions for folders var, media, app/etc to ensure that Magento can create and modify files.

For example, in app/etc configuration files are stored Magento local.xml. Var folder is stored "cache" files, import/export, and others. Media folder for images of products and categories.

When you install Magento extension, file package.xml is created In the folder var/connect. So even if you have set up permission to this folder earlier, try to reset Magento permissions with the command line:

chmod 777 -R var/connect

where -R means recursively for all incoming files and folders

If this wasn’t helpful, don’t worry. Magento simply didn’t set the level of access for newly installed extension.

What do I need to set right permissions?

First, try to logout and login again. If this does not work, you need to reset the administrative permissions.

Go to the «System-> Permissions-> Roles» and click «Administrator».

Check that for «Role Resources» drop-down list has been established «All» to user with administrative privileges.

Then click on “Save Role”, updated to Magento access levels.

Now you should have access to configure magento installed extensions without any problems.

If this advice didn’t work, contact us, we are always here to help you.